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Seeing companies hanging on the edge of success has made us impatient. Seeing companies fail due to small and often unnecessary mistakes based on misinformation has frustrated us. Now, we use our experience for the benefit of businesses and organisations that want to do better, bigger, faster, or just want to find the original joy of creating an impact.

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Strategy - Productization - Marketing - Communication - Sales - Investor deck - Leadership - Organisation development

Just a word of warning:
we don’t mince words & we expect you to put your heart into it, too
Our clients are the bravest, loveliest, and smartest people. And we are thrilled to bits to work alongside with them and take their wonderful ideas and visions further.
”When the IXC workshop was over, we were stunned by the change that had happened in our thinking and ambition level towards our own business. We were re-energized and back being totally focused!”
Taina Mikkola,CEO, TinyApp Solution
Because we cannot do everything, we work with those who can fill in the gaps. These companies are just the best to work with!
futures platform
"Everytime our clients send us their feedback and want to work with us more, we are just over the moon to be able to keep on pushing their ideas closer to success. Our clients are our inspiration and we are so excited to be able work alongside with them and sharing the joys of achievement.
Mervi & Berit
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